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Dollhouse Decal Makeover

Posted on by Kristie urbanwalls

We know all about wanting to mix up the design of a room to keep it feeling fresh! Why not extend the same love to your kiddo’s dollhouse?
Last year, we were thrilled to introduce Dollhouse Decals to ignite the imaginations of our younger patrons! Good design sense starts young, after all. This year, we thought those dollhouse designs could use a makeover—or maybe just a loving addition—with our Little Boho Girl decal pack.
With 35 freestanding decals, arrange your play home however you wish! Pieces include a little boho girl, rattan chair, cacti, vases, sofa, wall décor, a chest of drawers, and more.
The perfect DIY project to do together, or allow some independence and let the imagination soar! When you’re done, we promise it’ll feel like a whole new dollhouse. Your actual house may just get jealous.