23/Seven Fitness Installation

It's not very often that we get to take on a 69 foot wall project, so when Sydney from Purity Designs called us up to see what we can do with the big white wall glaring back we had our heads spinning. Sydney had the vision to add words and modernize this fresh, bright space and we were so excited to be apart of her design project.

A new gym has just opened up and the first ideas to decorate the space were words of motivation that were going to inspire and encourage those that are working out. They gave us the words that fit them best and we went to work to design 7 lines of motivational phrases that covered 50 inches high and 69 feet wide. It was a huge project but one that we are SO happy with! It completely transformed the space and immediately catches the eye. I love that people will look at these decals and be inspired.

This gym was completely transformed and the decals made such an impact. Its not even possible to walk into the room and not notice that wall.

We love custom work and can help get your gym, workspace, classroom, church, nursery or any other space transformed with removable wall decals. Contact us at info@uwdecals.com or visit our website uwdecals.com

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