Don’t FOLD when it comes to designing your DREAM laundry room!

Don’t FOLD when it comes to designing your DREAM laundry room!

The space you’re in affects yours mindset, your production level, and your quality of life which is why it's so important to love every last detail.

Make chores fun with designs that brighten and refresh your walls! No matter the size of your room, we have the perfect wall decor for you.

Inked Leaves Wall Decals

If we had to pick the most popular laundry room decal, Inked Leaves would win by a landslide! A neutral color scheme and simple design make this decal pack an excellent choice for your laundry room makeover!

If you're struggling with a cramped or small space, the individual decals can be spaced and placed in a way to make the room look bigger!

Wallpaper for Open Spaces

Self adhesive wallpaper is a great way to change up the look of your room without the fuss of painting or the mess of removing pre-pasted wallpaper. Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper brings that fresh feeling into every home.

If you have a bright and open space, wallpaper is great option to showcase a gorgeous pattern while basking in the natural lighting!

Wallpaper for Small Spaces

Sometimes a laundry room is in the most convenient place for space but not for design. Buon Fresco Wallpaper has a neutral color scheme with a bold pattern that goes effortlessly with any decor!

Wallpaper can be a great option for creating an accent wall behind your machines to create depth 

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