• DIY Coloring Decals

    DIY Coloring Decals

    By now you’re probably familiar with our Black & White Flower decals. But what you haven’t known all this time is that they have a secret superpower. That’s right. These little babies are actually your new life-size coloring book. But guess what? Unlike boring old coloring books, you can color...

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  • DIY: Decals Framed

    DIY: Decals Framed

    There’s both obvious and creative ways to use our decals. Although to be fair, most of them usually include putting the decals directly on your walls. It’s like a no brainer, right?But we decided to mix it up a little bit. We decided to deliver a fresh décor idea using our...

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  • Wardrobe How-To

    Wardrobe How-To

    The Flowers, The Decals, and The WardrobeHave you ever had a crazy idea? Well, we just had one. And we ran with it. Sometimes our crazy ideas don’t always work out, but this time...well, this time we just installed our Vintage Florals inside of a wardrobe. Yep, that’s right, inside of a...

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