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Perfect for Nursery!

I got these to create an accent wall. The instructions to place the decals were clear and easy. I also love that I could place as few or as many as I want to customize the wall!

I love how it turned out! Super easy to apply.

Totally changed my space!

I was so excited to receive my order in the mail. I wasn't sure how the installation process would be but it was super easy and only took me about 25 minutes to do the whole accent wall. It was just peel and stick and I was able to adjust the decals as needed. Would definitely order more from Urbanwalls!

Awesome look!

Great way to add fun decor to guest room at our vacation rental. Easy to put on too.


These are perfect in my daughter’s room. They are classic, simple, and beautiful. They’ve been on her wall four years now and look as good as the day we put them on. I️ actually came on to see if they still carried them- we are painting the house and I’m prepared to buy them again.

Satisfied Customer

I was so nervous to install these but after watching a few installations on Urbanwalls stories I decided to give it a try. These beautiful peonies did NOT disappoint. They were the perfect addition that took our daughter from baby to toddler room and I just love how they added the perfect touches of pink to her room. I loved these so much that I also purchased the dinosaurs when my sister had a baby boy. Highly recommend!

Love these!

These large butterfly wall decals are so cute! Every piece is unique. The full pack fit our 11x8 wall perfectly. We have smooth finish on the walls. I put them all up with masking tape before actually sticking them on. Worked perfectly! We just did this yesterday so I hope it stays put without peeling.

Plant lady approved

I love these decals. It is my third set of decals from Urban Walls, and they never disappoint. My only note about these decals, is that they are described as green. However, my decals are much darker and look black.

Easy to apply and looks great!

I was able to put the decals up easily and quickly and it looks so glamorous for my daughter's room.


These dots stuck perfectly to my ugly textured rental walls. I purchased the decals for textured walls! None have come off yet and it’s been about 1 month. Great addition to any wall for a low price!

Fantastic and Beautiful

I used these for my daughter’s nursery and I absolutely love them! I ordered three sets because I wanted to make sure I had enough, and I knew I wasnt going to use the flowers. I cut everything out first. Then I arranged clusters of balloons and clouds along the floor in the different arrangements that I wanted around the room. It took about two hours to put up everything, and it was so easy. I am beyond thrilled.

Cloud Wall Decals
Wenqing S.
Love it

Beautiful and good quality.

Will buy again! Put these

Will buy again! Put these in dining room for kids to see at holiday parties I hosted! They all loved them. Looking for other kids patterns / decals to use in grandkids rooms!

I love this product.

I love this product.

Love these decals

These were easier to install than I thought they’d be. So many compliments from everyone who sees them.

Even better in person

Such a great experience with this purchase. I was so nervous to install these but they turned out so good in my daughter's bedroom. The quality is great and I will be purchasing again!

The Perfect Look!

I love the design! By layering them together, they create a fuller look!

It's a YES for me!

Obsessed! Keep coming back for more! I've NEVER liked wallpaper but I'm a decal queen now! Totally changes the room and so easy to apply!

Perfect purchase

The decals are so easy to apply and look fabulous!

Beautiful & fun! Made well to use year after year!

I bought this set of Nutcracker decals for my daughter to use in her room at Christmastime. I was hoping we’d get at least 2 Christmases out of them. Well here we our, year 4 or 5, and they are still going strong. I now have 2 daughters and it’s been such a special tradition for them to do together!

Looks great in my daughter’s

Looks great in my daughter’s room!

My inner child comes to life

I loved my black irregular dot wall decals. Extremely easy to apply and such a fun project to do! Strongly recommended for a smaller room to give a huge uplift! Looks amazing.

Absolutely love it!

This is a fun decal in our bedroom! My husband and I easily installed it together. It was so much easier than we expected too.

Perfect for our baby room

A lovely decoration for our baby bedroom. It’s neutral, fun and will fit nicely with him while he’ll grew up. Easily to put on the wall. We’re very happy!


I purchased the Textured Water and Ink decals for our guest room at our vacation home in Grand Cayman. I thought the design resembled sea fans and the color fit our decor. The decals were easy to install and they provide a wonderful addition to the room.