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Let Imagination Roam Free: Top 12 Cool Wall Art Ideas for Kids' Spaces

Are you looking to transform your child's room into a magical realm of imagination and wonder? Look no further! At Urbanwalls, we specialize in creating cool removable peel and stick wallpapers, decals, and murals that breathe life into any space. Whether your little one dreams of exploring the depths of the jungle or soaring through the cosmos, we have the perfect wall art to bring their fantasies to life. Join us as we explore the top 12 wall art ideas for kids' spaces that are as fun as they are imaginative!
Animal world map wall mural in playroom, Urbanwalls
  1. Animal World Map Wall Mural: Let your child embark on a journey around the globe with our captivating Animal World Map Wall Mural. Featuring watercolor illustrations of various animals native to each region, this mural is both educational and enchanting. Perfect for igniting curiosity and sparking conversations about wildlife and geography.

    Blue Watercolor polka dot wall decals in nursery, Urbanwalls

  2. Watercolor Polka Dots: Add a playful touch to your child's room with our Watercolor Polka Dot decals. These peel and stick stickers come in a variety of colors, allowing your little one to create their own whimsical confetti pattern. It's easy, it's fun, and it's a surefire way to brighten up any space! 

    Check out our YouTube video showcasing the differences between our diverse range of watercolor polka dot colors! Once you see the stunning variations, you'll be inspired to create your own unique artistic masterpieces. Watch the video here

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  3. Large Brush Strokes: Make a bold statement with our Large Brush Strokes decals. These abstract designs mimic the look of hand-painted strokes, adding a splash of color and creativity to your child's walls. With easy peel and stick installation, you can unleash your inner artist in no time.

    Whimsical animal wallpaper in playroom, Urbanwalls

  4. Herbology Wallpaper: Transport your child to a magical woodland realm with our Herbology Wallpaper. Featuring enchanting creatures and lush flora, this mesmerizing design brings a sense of tranquility and wonder to any space. Plus, its mess-free peel-and-stick application makes decorating a breeze!

    Rainbow wall decals in kids playroom, Urbanwalls

  5. Peel and Stick Rainbows: Brighten up your child's room with our Peel and Stick Rainbow decals. Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, these cheerful stickers are guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one's face. Simply peel, stick, and let the magic unfold!

    Butterfly wall decals in girls bedroom, Urbanwalls

  6. Butterflies: Delight in the beauty of nature with our Butterfly Wall Decals. Crafted from warm neutral tones, these charming stickers add a touch of whimsy to any space. Perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, and beyond, let your imagination take flight with these delightful decals.

    Unicorn wallpaper in girls room, removable wallpaper, Urbanwalls

  7. Unicorn Wallpaper: Immerse your child in a world of fantasy with our Unicorn Wallpaper. Featuring a vintage-inspired design with frolicking unicorns and woodland creatures, this enchanting mural is sure to ignite your little one's imagination. Choose from two delightful color options to suit your child's style.

    Space wall decals in nursery, Urbanwalls

  8. Spaceships: Embark on an intergalactic adventure with our Spaceships decal pack. Hand-painted by artist Mary Clare Wilkie, these watercolor stickers feature rockets, stars, and moons, perfect for little astronauts in training. Blast off into a world of imagination with these stellar decals!

    Construction truck wall decals in boys room, Urbanwalls

  9. Construction: Get ready to dig, dump, and build with our Construction Truck Wall Decals. Featuring an array of colorful vehicles and construction-themed elements, this charming decal pack brings the hustle and bustle of a construction site to your child's room. Let the building begin!

    Don't miss our step-by-step peel and stick wallpaper installation video! Click here to watch now and give your space a fresh new look.

    Into the woods wall mural in woodland theme nursery, Urbanwalls


  10. Into the Woods Mural: Escape to a tranquil forest oasis with our Into the Woods mural. Inspired by the lush landscapes of the West Coast, this breathtaking design creates a serene backdrop for your child's adventures. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature with this captivating mural.

    Safari animal wall decals in kids room, Urbanwalls

  11. Summer Safari Animals: Go on a safari adventure with our Summer Safari Animals decals. From majestic lions to playful zebras, these lifelike stickers bring the wild wonders of Africa to your child's walls. Add a touch of exotic charm to any space with these delightful decals.

    Animal wallpaper in boys nursery, Urbanwalls

  12. Wildheart Wallpaper: Set your spirit free with our Wildheart Wallpaper. Featuring sketches of majestic wildlife and lush foliage, this captivating mural transforms any room into a wilderness wonderland. Let your child's imagination run wild with this enchanting wallpaper.
At Urbanwalls, we believe that every child deserves a space where their imagination can thrive. With our collection of removable peel and stick wallpapers, decals, and murals, you can create a magical environment that sparks creativity and adventure. So why wait? Let your imagination roam free and transform your child's room into a world of endless possibilities!
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