Simplicity in Design: A Condo Makeover with Urbanwalls Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Simplicity in Design: A Condo Makeover with Urbanwalls Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Meeting Elisha: A Scottsdale Design Maven Embracing Simplicity

We recently had the pleasure of visiting our friend Elisha from Scottsdale Design Services in her chic condo nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Elisha's journey towards simplicity and shedding consumerism has been inspiring, and we couldn't wait to collaborate with her on transforming her space.


Shared girls bedroom, before installation of Urbanwalls Watercolor Meadows Wall Mural.

A Peek into Elisha's Serene Condo Oasis

Elisha's condo, located amidst the vibrant energy of Scottsdale, is a sanctuary of calm and tranquility. Downsizing to embrace a simpler lifestyle, Elisha has curated a home filled with functional yet beautiful pieces that reflect her commitment to living with intention.

View of Optima Kierland from kids bedroom window. Balconies are cover in greenery and plants.

Finding the Perfect Peel and Stick Wallpaper Mural

When we unveiled our latest Heirloom collection, Elisha found the ideal peel and stick wallpaper mural for her daughters' shared bedroom. Spanning an impressive 242" in length and soaring 9' tall, our graphic team worked diligently to customize the mural while preserving its intricate design.

Girls sharded bedroom showing two beds in an apartment.

The Allure of the Wildflower Mural

Elisha was drawn to our Wildflower Meadow wall mural for its stunning colors—a blend of lush greens and blues, adorned with feminine florals in shades of pinks and corals, evoking a dreamy, girly meadow. It seamlessly complemented her condo's floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

Hand holding a sample of the Watercolor Meadow Mural in front of shared girls bedroom.


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Installation Tips and Tricks

Installing the mural spanned over 11 panels, with each panel creating a vintage landscape scene. We started with panel #1, ensuring it was straight using painter's tape and a level. Once installed, we moved on to panel #2, aligning it with panel #1's overlap to maintain continuity.

Danielle making sure her piece of tape is straight before installing the first panel of the mural.

CLICK HERE to view our full wall mural installation video for step-by-step instructions on the perfect install in your space!

Choosing the Right Substrate

The mural is available in three different substrates—standard adhesive peel and stick vinyl, textured peel and stick vinyl for textured walls, and prepasted water-activated traditional wallpaper—to suit various home needs.

Admiring the Finished Look

After installation, we marveled at the mural's natural beauty, with its calming shades of greens and blues and soft, feminine florals. It transformed the shared girls' room into a serene sanctuary that exuded charm and sophistication.

Danielle smoothing out the bottom of panel two of the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural.

A Heartfelt Collaboration

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Elisha for collaborating with us and allowing us to be part of her stunning home transformation. Her eye for design and commitment to quality pieces are truly inspiring, and we're honored to have our wallpaper adorn her daughters' space.

Elisha looking at the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural on her daughters wall.

Final Thoughts

Elisha's journey towards simplicity and intentional living serves as a reminder that beauty lies in embracing what truly matters. With Urbanwalls peel and stick wallpaper, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility and style is easier than ever. 

Watercolor Meadows Mural in a girls shared bedroom behind two beds.
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