Ceiling Decals: Transform Your Fifth Wall into a Work of Art

Ceiling Decals: Transform Your Fifth Wall into a Work of Art

It's always the perfect time to breathe new life into your home decor. When we think about decorating a room, we often focus on the four walls around us. But what about the fifth wall? The ceiling is a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed into a stunning focal point. Ceiling decals offer a unique and versatile way to add character and charm to any room. Whether it's a primary bedroom, a child's room, a formal sitting room, or even a hair salon, ceiling decals can elevate your space in ways you never imagined.

Primary Bedroom: Marigold Yellow Wallpaper

Marigold wallpaper installed on a bedroom ceiling.

Our Marigold Yellow Wallpaper installed on the ceiling of this primary bedroom creates a stunning visual impact. The walls are adorned with a complementary floral wallpaper featuring greens, yellows, browns, and whites. While many might stop at wallpapering the walls, this unique installation with two different floral patterns adds character and vintage charm, making the room eclectic and super unique.

Formal Sitting Room: Floral Peony Wall Decals

Peonies shown on ceiling surrounding a chandelier.

In this formal sitting room, floral Peony Wall Decals surround a circular medallion where a statement chandelier hangs. This room was already a beautiful place to entertain guests, but @thelesliestyle took it up a notch by drawing the eye upwards. The big, beautiful floral decals add a feminine touch with pink and dark green hues, making a dramatic statement that transforms the space.

Aesthetician Massage Space: Autumn Meadows Mural

Autumn Meadow wall mural installed in a salon on the ceiling.

Designed by @whitehouseontheprairie, the Autumn Meadows Wall Mural installed on the ceiling of this aesthetician massage space adds a delightful surprise for clients. Instead of staring at a boring white ceiling, clients can relax and admire the pinks and lavender hues of abstract floral art. This installation completely elevates the space, giving it a high-end feel and making the massage experience even more luxurious.

Adding layered prints to your wall decor is an excellent method to create depth and visual intrigue. Click here to watch how we use various prints to craft unique gallery wall aesthetics:

Shared Boys' Room: Seeing Stars in Yellow

Seeing stars in maize installed on boys bedroom ceiling.

In this shared boys' room, the "Seeing Stars in Yellow" ceiling decals bring a magical touch. The room, complete with custom bunk beds, becomes a starry night wonderland for the boys as they drift off to sleep. The individually placed decals add character and personality to the deep blue-toned walls, making it a fun and imaginative space for kids to dream.

Home Office: Black and White Flower Decals

Urbanwalls Black and White Flower Wall Decals installed on a ceiling beside a window.

This home office space features Black and White Flower Decals on the ceiling, adding a feminine touch that is both unexpected and delightful. The room's pop of green is impressive, but the ceiling decals truly steal the show. This unexpected twist makes the room feel bigger and more vibrant, proving that ceiling decor can transform any space.

Living Room: Irregular Dots in Nut Brown

Nut brown Irregular Wall Decals installed on a ceiling.

In this bright and cheery living room, Irregular Dots decals in nut brown cover the ceiling, adding tons of personality. The room, with its bright white walls and beautiful velvet couch, is already inviting, but the dotted ceiling takes it to the next level. This unique design draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of taller walls and a larger room, making it anything but boring.

Tips for Installing Ceiling Decals

When considering ceiling decals, it's important to remember a few key points. Our standard vinyl works best on flat, texture-free surfaces. If you have textured walls, we offer substrates specifically designed for those surfaces. Make sure to order a sample beforehand to ensure it's the right fit for your space. Installing standard vinyl on a textured wall will cause it to fall off, so knowing what material you need is crucial.

Confused about your wall type? Click here to learn the difference between textured and standard walls, so you can select the right substrate for your project.

Be patient! The end result is worth the work, but be prepared for the installation to take a bit longer than expected. Have fun with it! Adding ceiling decals is an unexpected twist on interior design that allows you to become the artist of your own space. Everyone will be in awe of what you did in your home.

Transform your home by taking your decor to the next level with ceiling decals. Whether it's adding sunshine to a child's bedroom, creating a dreamy paradise in a living room, or adding character to a home office, ceiling decals offer endless possibilities. Embrace the vibrant energy of summer and let your creativity shine through every corner of your home.

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