Life Stages

Life is a beautiful journey with many different stages. Whether you’re decorating your baby-to-be’s room, or looking for design solutions for your new dorm room, we’ve got you and your walls covered.

Elevate Your Rental

Renting no longer has to mean white walls or design restrictions! Achieve the permanent look of wallpaper, decals or murals without worry. Our beautiful colours, patterns and textures are easily installed and can be removed in minutes, without any wall discolouration or damage.

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Designing While Pregnant/Expecting

If you are pregnant with your first child, or expecting your last, we’ve made designing your baby’s room a fun and stress-free event with easy to install (and switch out!) wall decor. From florals and unicorns to animals and fun textures, we have some special designs lined up for your baby to be.

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Smart Design Vibes for Students

No matter your study habits, we’ve got backdrops that are a smart choice for a room in transition. Our student decals, wallpapers, murals and prints are quick to instal and even easier to switch up as you graduate into the next phase of life.

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Designing A
Teen Room

From tweens to young adults, shop wall decals, wallpapers, murals and prints, suitable for the teenager room in your home.

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Big Kid Room

Big kids have big ideas and we’ve got lot of creative looks to suit their growing personalities. Get the looks they’ll love with playful wall decals, wallpaper, murals and prints.

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Shared Bedroom

We’re making it easy for everyone’s personality to shine through in a shared space. Choose from a wide variety of designs, colors and textures to achieve a look you’ll both love. Or choose complimentary designs to create a cohesive but defined space for each of you!

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