• Office Chic...a white & gold affair

    I have been making a few plans for my office as of late. My husband and I differ on who's office it actually is but we'll just leave it at that. I was at Chapters the other day and loved how they paired a lot of gold and white together....

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  • Parisian Princess

    Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe I have been totally slacking in the blog department.. Sorry peeps! hours melt into days and days into weeks. Sheesh! School started this week and I have to admit that I feel a little guilty.. While I read all the tweets and facebook status'...

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  • Floral Paradise

    I am a HUGE fan of super girly and feminine spaces. Maybe it's because I simply don't have the option for it in my own home being surrounded by boys but when I see a girly space I fall a little head over heels. Flowers, pink and swirls, oh my!!...

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