Killer Style in an Unkillable Plant

Killer Style in an Unkillable Plant

When jewelry designer extraordinaire Leah Alexandra decided she wanted us to add a little magic to her office walls, we couldn’t have been more excited. We told her to come up with a decal idea she’d like to see every day. Hilariously, she joked that she struggled to keep plants alive, so why not a tree of some kind? And thus her good-natured comment gave birth to our new Paddle Leaf Fig Tree decal!

In our opinion, the place where you work should be as much of an oasis as your home. After all, you spend half your time there, so why not make it your own? Leah agreed (and she even already had a pretty cool office).

We set to work installing the Fig Tree behind Leah’s desk to give her the perfect backdrop for her creative process. As is recommended with all of our decals, we tacked the tree up using painter’s tape to ensure we got the spacing juuuuuust right before we peeled the adhesive backing.

What’s really fun about the Fig Tree decal is that it comes with a few extra branch pieces, so it’s totally customizable. We used one of these branches to create an asymmetrical extension that reached across the corner of Leah’s office onto the adjacent wall. The result was a fuller, more natural looking tree!

Want to add the house plant you never have to water to your home or office (or your home office)? Give it a go! And be sure to tag us on Instagram (@urbanwalls) with the finished result so we can all drool over your interior design and plant mama skills!

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